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Rehabilitation and restoration of facades and party walls

At Rehabilitació 9 we use all kinds of restoration and rehabilitation techniques respecting the architectural style. We have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to work on stone, stucco, cladding and sgraffito facades applying cleaning systems for pressure micro-arids and mechanical buixarda. We also offer the 10 year maintenance program, which are preventive maintenance projects and contracts to reduce future pathologies and their correction costs.

Structural repairs in buildings

At Rehabilitació 9, one of our specialties is to repair the damage formed throughout the building structure such as balcony doors, tribunes, beams and materials.The most common structural pathologies are cracks, fissures, arrows, dryness of the wood, damage to iron pillars, corrosion of embedded reinforcements, destructuring of the stone composition, pathology of reinforced concrete, carbonation of concrete, cracking and erosion, among others. 

Comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings and homes

At Rehabilitació 9 we apply all kinds of techniques for the restoration and comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings and homes, taking into account the architectural style of the building. In addition, we advise you on materials and furniture to plan the design of your home, kitchen or bathroom, whether you want a major reform or change the tiles, materials, furniture or facilities.

Roof and cover reparation

At Rehabilitation 9 we specialize in repairing roofs and roofs with thermal insulation or waterproofing problems. We offer repair services, waterproofing of both water and moisture leaks and also facilities. Meteorological phenomena wear down structures and leaks, leaks, moisture and fungi occur.

Rehabilitation of interior courtyards

At Rehabilitation 9 we take care of maintaining or rehabilitating the light patios to avoid problems of humidity or water infiltration. Among our services we offer:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of the patio of lights.
  • Repair of cracks and pitted areas.
  • Placement of smoke vents.
  • Installation of skylights.
  • Paint and stucco application.
  • Delete items that are no longer used.
  • Check existing installations and repair them.

Rehabilitation and restoration of hallways and staircases

In Rehabilitació 9 we do rehabilitation and restoration work on hallways and staircases, the most used common areas of a building, therefore good maintenance is necessary for the coexistence of all the people in the neighborhood community. What work we do?

  • Painting of walls and ceilings.
  • Flooring finished in stoneware, ceramic, marble, parquet and others.
  • Wall and ramp coverings.
  • Installation of access doors to the property, adaptation of accessibility and installation of elevators in accordance with current regulations.
  • Installations or repairs of electricity, gas or water.
  • Structural reinforcements of turns and ladders.
  • Restoration of stucco, ornamental trims, ornamental wooden ceilings, chalk ...
  • Restoration of locksmith, knobs and trimmings. Guardrail installations.
  • Carpentry work such as windows and doors.

Technical Building Inspection (ITE)

The ITE serves to know the state of the home at the time of visual inspection and guide the owner on maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation. We have qualified professionals, such as architects, building engineers or surveyors to write the technical report that determines the state of the building and what deficiencies can cause risk situations in the safety of its inhabitants. After the building is 50 years old, it is mandatory to successfully pass the ITE, and at least every 10 years, since the elements may be affected or in poor condition.

For more information you can consult in the BOE Law 8/2013, of June 26, on urban rehabilitation, regeneration and renovation. 

Energy Efficiency Certificate (CEE)

At Rehabilitació 9 do the energy efficiency certificate, a report by a technician on the state of the facilities to know the annual energy expenditure, useful information at the time of purchase or rental. In addition, it incorporates recommendations and improvements to obtain a more efficient energy behavior, increase the comfort of the home and reduce energy consumption.

The Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) issues a label that will rate the building based on its efficiency and will be mandatory when buying or renting.

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